Bob Stewart 1970 Herald
Brian Leeson 1971 Herald
Michael McCallum 1978 Zetec Spitfire 2Ltr 
 I purchased URL in July 1998 from a doctor in Edinburgh, I remember that day driving back Down the M8, I was only doing about 60 and most things were passing me, but I was the one with the biggest grin on my face.
I"I drove the wee fella for the rest of that summer and then put him in the garage, I decided to take the seats and carpets out to see how the floor pans were, that weekend half the car was stripped and that was the start of an unplanned restoration.
21 months later and a full nut and bolt restoration, the wee fella passed his MOT and was back on the road, it took several years to complete all the snagging.

12 years after that restoration the big ends on the 1500 started knocking and that gave me the opportunity to think about an engine transplant. I done some research for a few months and even that was probably not enough time, regardless I decided on a 2ltr Zetec. I bought a full Mondeo for £250 that had a decent engine and was running, my thinking was If I drop it in the Stpitfire and it doesn't run, then it is something I have done.
The conversion probably took longer than the initial restoration, the tricky part was to find out how certain things worked that was not standard to a Spitfire, fuel injection, fuel pumps, swirl pots, intake and exhaust manifold, stock Injection or what? The upgrade was the best thing I done to the car since I restored him.

2ltr Silvertop Zetec
Custom intake manifold hosting GSXR1000 Suzuki Throttle Bodies
Swirl pot and High and Low pressure pumps
Type9 gearbox and concentric clutch
VW polo radiator and Retro Fort thermostat relocation kit
Custom fuse box for safety

So much more but the space is limited here :-)
Iain Macpherson 1967 Vitesse
Colin Sansome 1967 Vitesse
I acquired my Vitesse in December 2013. It was restored in 2012 with photographic evidence and receipts. It's a 2L factory convertible with a mk2 front grille. MX5 seats make it comfortable for touring and in 2014 I took it to Le Mans where it managed to touch 100mph on the track in poor weather conditions with driver and passenger on-board.
I love the Vitesse for its easy access to the important bits, simple mechanics and smooth engine. Backseats mean the grandchildren can fit in for a treat. Something that was not possible in my departed Spitfire.
Iain Walker 1972 Zetec Spitfire
Jacquline Rankin 1975 Dolomite Sprint
Acquired our Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1974 as an unfinished project 2 years ago. Since owning Dolly we find her to be a comfy spacious car with a large boot and also great on long journeys as she has a large fuel tank which is ideal for today's motorway driving.

Her engine has been rebuilt, new suspension,new cooling system, electric fan, and more welding. We try and drive her as much as possible as she drove from Scotland, England,France, Belgium, and Germany and did us proud.  Her magenta colour stands out in a crowd.

We have every intention by hook or by crook keeping dolly on the road as much as possible.

Dolly booked her place at Le mans 2016

John Kelly 1967 Herald
I found my Herald local to me on eBay in 2008. The current owner had stored it in a lock up for 3 years and was selling due to a lack of time to use it. The car came with the original log book and a stack of invoices and pictures to show an engine and gearbox rebuild and a front suspension overhaul in 1998.
Since then I have replaced the bonnet and front valance, rebuilt the seats and had an alternator conversion done. Future plans include some bodywork, a new roof and a respray as this one is a keeper"
Dave Fray 1973 Spitfire 1300